About Me

Visual Designer and

Motion Artist.

Experimenting with different mediums and visual styles to put forward my ideas with a heavy inclination towards 3D motion. My major interests lies in Motion Graphics and Advertising. I believe remix and reinvention is what pushes me forward to bring out stories and narratives and be able to connect with them as well. Trying to blend the gap between physical and digital world, I feel stories allow us to cross that intersection.


With my last internship at Studio Bigfat, I had the opportunity to explore the field of sound and design coming together and becoming a cohesive unit. Projects such as Bedx Talks have not only made me aware of my surroundings but also being able to provide the necessary change through effective communication and design.


Redbull, Peter England, Nucleya, Third Culture Ent., Puma, Ritviz, SickFlip, All India Bakchod, Bhavishyavani Future Soundz




Visual Designer/Studio Bigfat/2019

Motion Designer/All India Bakchod/2018


Visual Identity, Print Media, Publication, CG, Scene Dev, 3D Motion Graphics, Art Direction, Advertising, Copywriting,

Meme Maker