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Bedx Talks -

Sex Ed Guide Zine

Project Title : Bedx Talks - Desi Sex Ed Guide zine ( for men )

Date : October, 2018

Status : Live

Collaborator : Priyanka Paul ( @artwhoring )

* Artworks used for Educational and presentation purposes

Size : A6

GSM : 130 gsm

Collaterals : Stickers | Zine | Packaging

About the Project

Bedx Talks in collaboration with illustrator Priyanka Paul, is a sex ed guide zine for the confused male in India. What started out as a Facebook status update, turned into a zine catering to a younger, broader and sexually active audience.

A witty and visually constructed millennial-friendly manual for sex education in India, the zine targets urban young adults, especially men in the age group of 16-24, standing in for the lack of customised desi dialogues to understand sex and all that comes with it. 

Published in a pocket size, the zine covers a variety of themes being spoken by the bedx speaker, Mr. Dickinson, with his first Bedx Talk, a parody of sort of Tedx Talks.

Employing a mixed media format that is boldly vibrant and peppered with Bollywood references, BEDx Talks serves up sex-ed with slang, puns and pop culture imagery to keep it fresh and relevant for the youth. The publication also doesn't follow up a strict guideline in-terms of layouting to keep it as conversational and natural as possible. This zine includes quips like “Condoms aren’t necessarily God’s latex halos” and “None of us want kids right now. Not in this economy!”

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