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Baby Album Art

Project Title : Baby - Album Artwork

Album Art Director : Rushil Bhatnagar

Type Design :Vijay Ravi

Photography : Ishita Rajesh

Client : Mehar Bedi

Music : Mehar Bedi

About the Project

Spanning over 5 lushful tracks, We worked closely with Mehar Bedi to bring her sound to life and be able to do justice to the lush-scapes and unapologetic tracks. Ever since the team heard "Baby", the name stuck in our heads. It resonated with us, sparked this joy bundled with layers of emotions, some cute, some dark. Vijay Ravi, who worked on building a custom type for this album, surprised us with one of the best renditions of traditional calligraphy.

The Type carries additional folding and pays a homage to traditional calligraphy. It had to resonate the track and verses that sounds lushful yet carried a personal conflict through each track. With a 3D rendition of the type design, we were able to add further depth with a broken glass treatment, that allowed a pink light to refract through the pieces.

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