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Art Direction : Aniruddh Mehta

Gig Artwork : Samresh Shrivastava

Track ID : Moss - Zokhuma ( Code EP )

Code Visual Set

Project Title : Code EP Tour Final Visual Set

Dated : May, 2019

Client : Third Culture Ent.

Collaborator : Studio Bigfat

About the Project

At the bleeding edge of his own future, Zokhuma (Arman Menzies) represents the end of old things, the beginning of new ones, and a forged alliance with those making alternative electronic music in previously uncharted territories. After releasing his first EP ‘Hearts + Fields’ in 2018, Zokhuma drops his next EP ‘Code’ a year later with sounds of left-field electronica, IDM and breakcore influences. 

With his Code EP Tour Finale in Bombay, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Aniruddh Mehta (Thebigfatminimalist) to develop a one of its kind visual set. Modified for a one night event. 

The evening celebrated Zokhuma's audio lexicon meshed with a stripped down cyber punk alternate universe at the venue. Providing an Immersive experience through geometric shapes and lines, the visuals revolved around the dot pixel concept that resembled glitches in codes and processors. creating a sense of elevated space near the console deck. An ode to the future in the present, the evening witnessed groundbreaking sounds that made people connect through music. 

A night of cross section between Design, Music and Fashion.

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