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Engram - Digital Scenography

Project Title : Engram - Digital Scenography

Dated : August 2021

Company : Engram

About the Project

I worked on design and visualization of digital images to bring engram’s hardware collection to life. All made out of solid and high grade materials, we aimed at humanizing hardware larger than life for everyone. Steering away from the commonality of how hardware is perceived, advertised and presented in India.

Each piece of hardware being treated as a human entity, brings them closer to where you could spot them. Ranging from ballet halls, spa rooms, kitchen cabinets and maybe our vacation house. We reimagined, dreamt, spoke in lengths on how they can be best represented that brings everyone closer and not scared of hardware ever.

The Second Carousel showcases :

Entrance Bar in an open ballad room.
White Oak handle with Brass base

Towel Rail situated at a sunny beach.
Brass and anodized Black

Knobs witnessing a sunset.
Brass and anodized Black

Cabinet Pull on a Picnic.
Brass and anodized Black

Wave(s) at golden hour.
Mirror Brass and Ivory


Engram's Vacation House ( First Carousel ) was developed to represent an open Playground allowing testing and usability, fun and some rest.

Available through day and night, to browse through different hardwares made at engram everyday.


Visit them at

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