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Gaurav Gupta

Project Title : Gaurav Gupta x Neiman Marcus Launch - VFX & CGI

Client : Gaurav Gupta Couture


About the Project

Launch Sequence for Gaurav Gupta Couture at Neiman Marcus 

Worked with my team at Naughty Naughty extensively to announce the arrival of Gaurav Gupta Couture at Neiman Marcus stores in Los Angeles, Texas & Florida through four visual sequences. One look at exploring Gaurav Gupta's work and soon you would notice the details that are enough to be lost within the world he has been building upon for a decade. We wanted to amplify these details and announce a takeover that would be located at iconic spots in each location with the help of billboards and highlighting the intricacy of his Garments.

This involved integrating real-time footage with CGI billboards and garments, ensuring they seamlessly blend into the iconic landscapes.

During the course of the project, our team brainstormed on multiple pipelines to achieve a consistent look for all the sequences. We navigated through different technical hurdles, compositing iterations and eventually found our way to represent all the details. 

Creative Direction : Naughty Naughty 

3D Generalist : Svojas Chari 
3D Environment Artist : Mohammed Irfan
3D Compositing : Svojas Chari 
Compositing : Rushil Bhatnagar 
Sound Design : Yatharth Roy Vibhakar 
Editor : Rushil Bhatnagar 

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