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Tour Posters

Commissioned by : Bhavishyavani Future Soundz

Collaborator : Aniruddh Mehta (Thebigfatminimalist)

Commissioned by : Third Culture Entertainment

Collaborator : Priyanka Paul (artwhoring)

Journey to the Shrine is a fictional flyer developed as a part of Bhavishyavani's 20th Anniversary celebration. The theme was set in future - Year 3030, a party of homo-sapiens, aliens and all the robots in the universe. A fictional rave to be witnessed on the highest volcanis plateau of Mars.

Spoonful of Bollywood stirred with love and homegrown soundscapes, the poster was commissioned by Third Culture Entertainment as a part of Nucleya's Tour of his then released album - Tota Myna. We wanted the poster to be bold, vivid, representing the sound and color of the nation and an ode to the bollywood hand painted posters.

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