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Ritviz - Barso

Music Video

Project Title : Visualizer Video for Youtube

Date : September, 2018

Collaborator : Vrajesh Pithadiya

Album Artwork : Shantanu Hazarika

About the Project

A pinch of India and a whole lot of desi, I had the opportunity to work with India's leading EDM producer Ritviz's then latest track - Barso. It took us to a journey of spending countless hours in rains during our childhood. 

We tried to capture the same nostalgia and the joy that comes from the first drop of rain after summer. A call to the god and to the viewers that would be along the way to this bittersweet journey down their childhood.

Each and every element in the visualizer is an ode to the activities carried out during monsoon weather in India. Whether it is crispy snacks, iconic song from Bollywood featuring Aishwarya Rai Bacchan to the ever blossoming flowers. Complimented with Shantanu Hazarika's Artwork for the album, this was a small world we wanted people

to own.

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