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Papa Don't Preach

Project Title : Papa Don't Preach - 3D Animation

Client : Papa Don't Preach

About the Project

Audio Visual Film for Papa Don't Preach's Flagship Store Launch.

What looks like 30 Seconds, is our effort to capture the wonderland store that the entire team has built over last few months. From the Magical Elves Door to the Pink Dusty Pillars, details that one cannot miss when they visit the store. Thus started a process of taking their store and building a land straight out of a fairytale book where it belongs. Tucked in the lanes of Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, this store has its own sounds. Chirping of Birds to what could be the sound of a fresh morning.

Creative Direction, Motion - Rushil Bhatnagar

Sound Design - Brij Dalvi

Additional Asset Design - Kenneth Gorshom

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