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Khone Do - Prateek Kuhad

Project Title : Khone Do - Music Video

Director : Reema Sengupta

Produced by : Bhavin Gajaria

Dated :August 2021

Music : Prateek Kuhad

About the Project

 I had the absolute pleasure of working on Design and Animation for the music video of Khone Do, Written and Directed by Reema Sengupta.

A little about Khone Do, it's a whimsical music video that takes you through the intoxication of sleeping in the arms of your lover, lost in dreams, together.

This beautiful track led us to explore a distinct visual style in the form of collage art that would come with its infinite possibilities of landscapes that people can jump from in their dreams.

We spent days listening to the track, reading the lyrics and this dream-filled concept story by Reema. Jamming together on zoom calls, we started building this world from different cities.

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