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Project Title : Puma RS-X Visual Set

Dated : Feb, 2019

Client : Puma India

Collaborator : Studio Bigfat

Audio Set : Bigfat & IMSPRYK

Track ID : Vapour Trails ( Datassette ) | Ochre ( Leaving Acardia )

Puma RS-X Visual Set

About the Project

Puma is known for their unconventional reinvention. With then launched Puma RS-X, it was an ode to the first design of Puma RS produced in 1986. Way ahead of its time and a striking innovation of reading information through

your movement.

I had the opportunity of working with Aniruddh Mehta ( Thebigfatminimalist ) for the launch party of Puma RS-X where we developed visuals for a special two hour audio visual set by Imspryk and Bigfat. 

For us, Reinvention meant reinventing our process to develop visuals. For the visual set, we developed analog generated clips, reading up same information from any movement that was provided in the visual clips. The following resulted in numerous iterations and

unlimited possibilities. 

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