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Redbull x Dasta Music Videos

Project Title : Code EP Tour Final Visual Set

Dated : October - January, 2018

Client : Dasta India | Redbull Music Academy

Collaborators : Jishnu Chatterjee | Aaditya Padhye | Vrajesh Pithadiya

About the Project

As a part of a four video series, I closely worked with a design team to conceptualize and animate music videos for Dasta's SSP 2 ( Six producers gamefying the making of music within a restricted time period ). 

Limb, produced by Disco Puppet, gave us an insight of the journey humans tend to have. This led to a story we devised for our animated video. Humans, lost amongst themselves only to survive on a strange land unknown to mankind.

Apart from the animation front, I was also responsible for the story development process for each animated segment. Each video was stripped to its core emotions and feeling that we felt was needed to be conveyed accompanied by sounds that would fill the room. 

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